A psychic is a person who holds the means to use extrasensory visions to find and find out those hidden pieces of information that cannot be searched by ordinary people with normal thinking and rationality. The psychics claim to use their learning and understanding of telepathy, psychic readings, and clairvoyance, to defy the natural laws to get information from other mediums.

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Apart from what a person sees, hears and feels, there are in fact unseen things that normal people cannot understand or come in contact with. The psychics work on the principles of magnetism and electricity where the power of psychic is no less real than magnetism or electricity. The psychics are able to tap into nature's energy. While some psychics claim to have these abilities as a talent they had from birth, other develop these skills by studying this field and going through different mediums of psychic learning such as astrology and Tarot card readings. Psychics are able to use these different mediums to see hidden information, hearing information from other sources or sensing the presence of emotions and thinking inside's one mind.

People reach out to psychics for many reasons. While some try to seek unknown answers from their loved ones who have departed from the world, others try to find answers to the problem that are troubling them in their lives. Some people like to find out how well they will fare in the world and what is the probability of their success in the future. Many people who are grieved over the loss of love, death of a close one, or continued trouble in personal and professional lives, seek the services of psychic to find answers to all their problems and closures to their problems. Psychics are able to find the information, look out for hidden meanings, and make predictions through mediums that are not acceptable through ordinary physical senses.

Many people claim to do psychic readings and reaching out to other mediums as a talent or ability they got from birth. They claim to meet these powers by forces unseen or beyond the understanding of a common man. Other people start to learn the medium by moving slowly and gradually towards the different modes of psychic readings, understanding the way to communicate and pick signals from the different medium, and associating themselves with other psychic, where they learn the ways to adapt to the psychic way of thinking and performing the psychic duties.

The psychics are able to start learning this medium by studying the different types of psychic abilities. While some people select one area of psychics others feel they are stronger in other psychic areas and they choose to focus on that field. At the start, psychic works on smaller objects and try different exercises. Meditation is one of the major element to harness the psychic abilities and people learn to meditate strongly to develop psychic abilities. There are some psychic schools that offer people a chance to enroll and learn the basics of psychic abilities and move forward if they feel they can learn this ability.